Cloud over Philly government officials

The silence of Philadelphia officials concerning the convictions of John Dougherty and Councilmember Bobby Henon speaks loud and clear. When Mayor Jim Kenney finally broke his silence, he said he "felt bad for them." Said Dougherty: "What Councilman Henon and I were found guilty of is how business and politics are typically and properly conducted." And, of course, that's the problem. Business as usual in Philadelphia doesn't serve the average citizen; it serves a small coterie who make sure their cronies stay in power to fulfill their wishes. Judging by their few comments, our mayor and City Council think that the actions that resulted in convictions for Dougherty and Henon are just fine.

Meg Berlin, Philadelphia

At the Henon trial, the FBI revealed that Councilmember Bobby Henon offered Councilmember Helen Gym free Eagles tickets from IBEW, asking that she not declare the gift. Gym agreed. Councilmembers may accept most gifts if they declare them. Why not openly disclose the tickets?

It looks like Gym sold her integrity for Eagles tickets. She holds herself up as the champion of the working person in our city while she appears to afford herself privilege and exemption from the rules. Gym, and the other people who did not openly disclose tickets from Henon, should resign or be heavily fined.

The citizens of this city deserve better than the Council we have. Although there are a few good Council people, it seems the good ones are increasingly in short supply.

Charles Brennan, Philadelphia

Fitzpatrick shouldn't

have to defend his infrastructure vote

Hats off to Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, who voted for a bill because it improves the lives of his constituents. Surprisingly, Rep. Fitzpatrick is being vilified for voting for the infrastructure bill. This is a bill that will work to limit PFAS in our drinking water, improve our roads, and provide jobs for our fellow citizens.

I have come to believe that there is a new silent majority in this country. This new silent majority is comprised of those who shake our collective heads at the lack of rational thought that is swirling around us. There are a lot of us, in every political party, in this silent majority of rational thinkers.

It's time for us to speak out, otherwise we give power to the minority of voices who are spewing vitriol and misinformation.

Diana W. Beausang, Glenside

Mandates legitimate

for workplace safety

David Walsh's opinion piece about vaccine mandates implies that people are being forced to be vaccinated. As if the government is sending out squads of goons to hold down people and inject them against their will. Vaccine mandates merely state that, if you refuse to be vaccinated, then you cannot work at certain jobs. You have the right to your "personhood," but you do not have the right to endanger fellow workers and the public. Every job has certain requirements, such as education, experience, physical ability, etc. Vaccines are perfectly legitimate requirements for workplace safety. It is the duty of the government to protect its citizens.

Michael Walsh, Elkins Park